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Tight muscles and knee pain


This post is mainly aimed at all you runners out there, I treat quite a few and I find that a recurring issue I come across is pain and a pulling sensation to the outside of the knee, it can feel quite intense and can stop you short during your run. I know, I run. and I've definitely felt it. Ouch!

The first thought for most is a slight panic of a pull or strain, or worse, a structural issue with the knee itself. However before you worry unescessarily have a feel through some of your other muscles, feel up the outside of the thigh up the IT band (a thick band of connective tissue) most runners will know this to be tender and will often state how tight it is. But check further up into the small band of muscle a little under the hip bone, the tensor fascia lattae (TFL) is a hip flexor and can hold on to a lot of tension which will pull on the IT band which in turn will pull on the knee causing it to hurt. Also if the mid and lower back is tight, this can lead to the gluets and piriformis muscles being tight which will also also pull on the IT band therefore again pulling on the knee.

This in itself is not an injury, it is caused by muscle tightness and can be greatly helped with massage. It is however showing that this tightness is causing your knee hurt and this in turn shows that the knee as a hinge joint is being pulled of correct alignment slightly. So in the long term this can lead to wear and tear on the joint and possible problems.

So the moral of this is to keep your muscles stretched out. As mentioned in previous posts the use of a foam roller and a trigger point ball can be of great benefit, combining this with regular massage when your body needs it will all play a part in keeping your muscles and joints working smoothly.

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