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I have been a practising massage therapist for 12 years now, and it has been an interesting journey, I have always been learning new skills, from courses and workshops but also from other therapists, I have met some great ones along the way and they have taught me a lot.

My latest new technique was learning to incorporate a massage tool into some of my massage treatments, about a year ago, a great sports therapist I was swapping treatments with used one on my calves as they were very tight and the usual techniques weren't helping, so he pulled out a stainless steel flat tool with various beveled edges and worked all the surface fascia which made an instant difference. I was rather impressed by this! So decided I would like to include this in my own work.

From my other blog posts you will have heard me talk about fascia, the marvellous connective tissue that runs throughout our body. This type of massage tool works on this tissue to help loosen it, it is a great complement to massage as sometimes you can't tell if the muscle is tightening the fascia or the other way round, you can work fascia with your hands but these tools can give very quick results.

They are great for general stiffness and tightness, working around scar tissue as it can help break it down and make it more flexible, it's also helpful in treating tendinopathies, ligament pain and entrapment syndromes.

I came across IAM tools in Birmingham, they made superb quality handmade tools and provided good courses to match, so I bought what is called "the Dolphin" and started using it both on myself and with my clients. I have also been on one of IAM's great workshops to gain a more thorough understanding of the most effective techniques to use.

I've had some great results with it so far and am positive I will continue to do so - providing all of you the best treatment and outcome possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thankyou for reading.

The Dolphin massage tool


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